ABS (Automated BOCLE System)

ABS (Automated BOCLE System) ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The ABS is a microprocessor-controlled Ball-on-Cylinder wear test system which provides a fast, repeatable assessment of the performance of jet fuels that fully conforms to the ASTM D5001 test method for “Measurement of Lubricity of Aviation Turbine Fuels by the Ball-on-Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator”.


Technical Specifications

Operating Conditions - Ambient Temperature 15 to 35°C
Operating Conditions - Ambient Humidity 20-80% (non-condensing)
Mains Power Universal (100-230V) 750 VA
Temperature Control Solid state thermoelectric heater/cooler
Weight 34 Kg (75lb)
Length 520 mm (21")
Width 520 mm (21")
Height 340 mm (14")




Full description

The ABS comprises a single, compact, bench top mounted unit. The only external services required are compressed air to the specification in ASTM D5001 and 100-230V mains power. The internal de-ionised water reservoir requires refilling after approximately 1000 tests. An air cleaner/dryer is available which can clean and de-humidify normal laboratory or shop air to meet the requirements of the ASTM standard (<0.1 ppm hydrocarbon).

Recognised standard

ASTM D5001- Standard Test Method for Measurement of Lubricity of Aviation Turbine Fuels by the Ball-on-Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator (BOCLE) (www.astm.org/Standards/D5001.htm)

Main product features
  • The PCS Automated BOCLE System (ABS) is included in the D5001 ASTM specification.
  • Simple to use interface -microprocessor control of all instrument functions.
  • Standard ASTM D5001 test sequence pre-loaded into ABS microprocessor controller – operator fits cleaned specimens, adds fuel sample and presses the ‘Start Test’ button.
  • Automatic control of test sequence – no operator-induced variability in test results.
  • Automatic flow controllers for moist and dry air – no operator input required to control the humidity and flow rate of the conditioned air.
  • Optional PC-based data logging software – allows test data to be recorded as a permanent record (available for both D5001 and D6078).
  • Interchangeable humidity and temperature probes – humidity and temperature measurement does not need to be re-calibrated – simply replace the combined relative humidity and temperature probe with an exchange pre-calibrated unit.
  • PCS manufactures the test rings – single source supplier of test rings and specimens leads to higher quality control.