Herzog engineers continue to develop the latest technology for testing cold behavior, distillation, flash point, vapor pressure, viscosity and other physical properties.

Herzog by PAC, originally established in 1931 is a long-established, comprehensive line of laboratory instruments for testing atmospheric and vacuum distillation, flash point, vapor pressure, bitumen properties, cold flow properties, viscosity and other physical properties of materials. Distillation and flash point analysis is provided by systems including the OptiDist and the HDV 632; viscosity and Bitumen testing by systems such as the HVM 472 and the HRB 754 Ring & Ball; and fuel classification by systems such as the CID 510 Derived Cetane Number.

As a highly experienced provider of physical testing instruments, we are an active member in standards organizations and lead standard development to guarantee that the methods meet customer requirements of precision and ease of use.

A Pioneer and Innovator

Herzog early on pioneered efforts to automate traditional manual methods of testing in order to save manpower and eliminate user errors. Herzog also took the lead in efforts to develop and standardize new, alternative lab methods where the hallmarks were low sample volume requirements, achieving faster results, higher precision in analysis, and greater ease of use by operators with lower general skill levels.


Herzog provides complete solutions, including highly experienced customer service and certified reference materials for instrument calibration and validation.

From the start, Herzog has been an innovator in physical distillation. Herzog introduced its first automated ASTM D86 / ISO 3405 distillation system to the market in 1957. Today, Herzog continues to innovate in synergy with other members of the PAC technology family with its 5th generation system, the OptiDist, which combines 50 years of Herzog experience and 30 years of ISL to create a unique, state-of-the-art, fully automated distillation analyzer. OptiDist uses several patented technologies, such as Optimizer and bottom meniscus volume measurement, for fully automated distillation control that guarantees highest precision results, and it is ideal for new fuels including ethanol blends and biodiesel blends.

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