Scanning Brookfield Technique (SBT) / Gelation Index

Low-temperature measurement of viscosities continuously from -5°C to -40°C or below used to characterize the low-temperature rheological performance of lubricating oils and other fluids.  The Scanning Brookfield Technique provides the most complete analysis available on engine oil pumpability in the critical sump-to-pump screen zone and is the only technique capable of generating the Gelation Index and Gelation Index Temperatures. Automated data acquisition and analysis.  Tabular and graphical printout of both parameters.  The viscosity/temperature curve is continuously updated and displayed on the monitor while data is written to disk for later analysis.

The Scanning Brookfield Technique measures the low-temperature pumpability and Gelation Index of fresh, sooted, and highly oxidized engine oils by slowly and continuously lowering the test temperature while recording the two values.  Values of Gelation Index above 15 can result in engine failure under certain field conditions of cooling.

Our new SBT Direct Cool model is a non-liquid system that replaces our SB+4 and SB+8 liquid baths.  Each SBT Direct Cool holds two SBT Viscometers and can be connected to up-to three other SBT Direct Cool units using our new SBT Automation Package.  The self-contained system has the added benefit of permitting the 90C pre-heating requirement of the D5133 and D7110 test methods to be conducted within the unit rather than using an external oven or pre-heating bath.

The long-established SB+2 model is a versatile liquid bath that runs several low-temperature test methods. In addition to the Scanning Brookfield Technique, it can also be equipped to run the Brookfield Viscosity (D2983)., Kinematic Viscosity (D445), Manual Pour Point (D97), Stable Pour Point (FTM 203C) and MRV-TP1 (ASTM D4684).
• Versatile liquid bath for analyzing lubricants and fluids meeting numerous low temperature test methods 
• Easily replaceable Insert Module for each test
• Programmable & Manual bath temperature controls
• Self-contained refrigeration system capable of cooling to -70°C
• Only instrument to generate Gelation Index & Gelation Index Temperature according to ASTM D 5133 and D 7110 methods • Designed for use with patented SimAir® Test Cell for Brookfield D2983 testing
• Ideal for low-temperature work with: fresh, sooted, highly oxidized oils, ATFs, and fuels 
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