Tannas Foam Air Bath

Foaming Tendency & Stability of Lubricating Oils

Tannas Foam Air Bath ile ilgili görsel sonucu


This automated unit is designed for running the required engine oil foaming tests D 892 and D 6082. Timing and heat cycles are built in to simplify operator tasks. Elimination of oil-containing baths means no messy cleanup or hazard from hot, dripping oil on the outsides of graduates. A removable carousel holds up to six 1000-mL graduates, two of which can be visually measured at the same time.   


• Preferred technique for ASTM D6082 and D 892 testing – required for GF-2, 3 & 4, API ‘SL’ , ‘SM’ specifications for modern engine oils

Air bath eliminates hazards of hot, messy oil baths 

• Thermal equivalence at all locations within bath – no variation of temperature amongst samples

• No loss of temperature control since no supplemental heating device is needed 

• Progressive timer with audible alarms for simplified determination of Collapse Time in D 6082 test

• Convenient, removable, sixposition cylinder carousel 

• Built-in cool ‘tap’ water circulation for cooling from 150° to 24°C in less than 30 minutes

Conveniently located sidemounted cylinder drying rack

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