High Temperature, High Shear Rate Viscosity




The TBS Viscometer was the world’s first very high shear rate viscometer, developed and patented in 1979. The TBS remains the bench-mark for high shear rate viscometry and has undergone some notable advances over the years. Setting new standards for HTHS viscometry of new and used oils, the TBS 2100E-F Viscometer, with its 12-step adjustable speed motor, is now available in a Fully-Automated mode of operation. As with previous TBS models, the 2100E-F offers a number of unique advantages, such as constant temperature control, quick “chase-flush” sample exchange, single-point viscosity determination and simple adjustment of shear rate...to name a few. Additionally, the 2100E-F has the added value of complete PC control for automatic calibration and sample injection. The TBS 2100E-F Viscometer brings a new level of operator ease for both research and routine laboratory HTHS testing and dramatically increases worker productivity


• ASTM D4683, D 6616, CEC L36-A-90 – required to meet automotive engine oil specifications: SAE J300; ILSAC GF-3 - 5, API ‘SE’ thru ‘SN’. Basis for 100°C railroad oil viscosity classification.

• Applicable at 40°, 80°, 100°, 150°C, or other temperatures above ambient at which viscosity is less than 30 cP.

• Viscosity Loss Trapezoid (VLT) – technique to determine VI Improver polymer type and molecular weight distribution of oils.

• Fuel Efficiency Index – determines viscosityrelated fuel-efficiency contributions of engine oils.


TBS advantages over any other true, proven, high shear rate viscometer:

• No external hot oil bath – simple, thin-film stator heating technique.

• No special cleaning fluids – simple, quick & easy total replacement of the completed fluid by the next fluid for test.

• Full-Automation if desired – load the samples, push a button, walk away, return to pick up your data -- 42 samples completed in less than 4 unattended hours. (See reverse)

• Excellent tool for very high shear rate testing – up to 10 million sec-1 simply by changing the motor speed through 12 stations from 800 to 8000 RPM.

• Fresh or used oils can be analyzed.


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