VH1 and VH2 - Houillon Viscometer

VH1 and VH2 - Houillon Viscometer


Test Methods
ASTM D7279, ASTM D2270

Using a “Houillon” capillary tube, ISL’s VH Series Viscometers automatically determine kinematic viscosity of lubricating oils, used oils, fuels, polymers, and similar materials over a wide viscosity range. Initially developed for lubricant blending facilities, research laboratories, and used oil monitoring where small sample size and quick results were required, the ISL VH viscometer offers exceptional performance, providing results in 60 seconds using less than 1 ml of sample.

The VH series of viscometers include:

  • Model VH1 - integrates a single solvent capacity for tube cleaning
  • Model VH2 - accommodates two solvents, offering added flexibility in solvent selection for efficient tube cleaning and drying and withstands the use of aggressive solvents

In both models, ISL’s custom Windows-based management software enables central monitoring of up to 16 capillaries spanning up to 4 baths. Results are displayed, saved to the database, and printed or sent directly to a LIMS following user-defined protocols. With 40C and 100C bath temperatures programmed, viscosity index can be performed, calculated and printed within minutes.

Houillon Viscosity Method

The term “Houillon” refers to the specific capillary tube used to measure viscosity in ISL’s VH systems. The principle - based on straight flow approach - requires less than 1ml of sample, therefore speeding the warm-up and analysis time. Because the specimen flows through the detection points only once, the houillon method is ideal for both transparent and opaque samples.

Features & Benefits


  • Modular design with ultimate configuration flexibility enables up to 16 simultaneous test runs
  • High throughput with complete results in minutes; can complete up to 75 tests per hour
  • Easy constant calibration with reference fluids
  • Reduce waste with small sample size; uses less than 1 ml
  • Easy tube replacement in minutes

Powerful PC-Based Data Management

  • Multi-instrument networking and PC-based data management
  • Viscosity Index computation in minutes when 40C and 100C bath temperatures are programmed
  • Tags outlier results according to user preferences
  • Saves calibration parameters for multiple bath temperature settings
  • Diagnostic menus for service


  • Automated cleaning system, individually programmable for each tube
  • Minimal solvent consumption for cleaning cycle
  • All solvent removed under vacuum, not under pressureof aggressive

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